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5th Grade Haiku

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4b75a7afab051Aaron really does smile in class, really.
Alex isn't talking to his friends.
Aaron really does smile in class, really.

Mr. Mac's and Mrs. Bahm's writing classes were honing their poetic skills in the third quarter by writing Haiku poetry in the Japanese tradition in which the young poets wrote three lines of poetry: The first line contains five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five.  Enjoy the following poems as students describe the essence of the four seasons or the travails of a travel weary bottom.  Excellent job to all students.


Riding my bike is
fun when rolling down the hill.
watch out for that tree!


First Autumn Morning,                     One early evening,
A squirrel climbs up a tree.               A butterfly flaps this way.
How graceful he is.                           And it flies on by.

Sahari                                                 Devin

One bright spring flower                     As the air gets cold
shimmers in the bright sunlight             leaves change to a dull color
and shines in the night                         Fall season has come
Jacob K.                                              Winston

Cake in the oven.                                The ladybug on
It smells great and looks awesome.      my shoes is red as a rose
The taste is perfect                              with ten dark black spots.


Leaves floating softly                            Daffodils so blue
Falling slowly to the ground                  Smelling so sweetly like tea
branches feeling bare                            Leaves feeling so soft

Casey                                             Cavion

The rain was silent                    The blue lily sags
as it could be in the sky             sucks up moisture from the earth
falling down to earth.                 petals falling off


Purple flowers weep                Tall trees grow high up
as dew settles on petals.          small plants grow down low to ground.
Sun brings them to life.             They are all living


It lays is the grass                     The small tree orchard
evaporating as dew                   has small trees now, though later
while it pours again                   the small trees grow large


The daisy stands tall                  The sun glows brightly
Soon the petals will fall off         It might get to hot today
To the ground they drop            I hope the sun leaves


The small gust of wind                      Trees shake their branches
blows through a field of wet grass     as the moon  glows it's bright light
and the quiet night.                            while the sun peers out.                                

The sweet nectar out
of the buttercup with bee's
when the honey comes out.


The windy winter                                 The summer skies lurk
winds blow across the land                  the crunchy leaves in the fall
the wind blows and blows                    the ways of life flow


The young butterfly                              The daisy flower
flaps its wings in open air                      opens up in the sunlight
while it passes through.                         everyday of June.    

The broken branch falls
into the stream of water,
down it goes slowly.               

Tess (Haiku Master)

Days of snow will come:                    The disturbing snake:
Sooner than you blink an eye             slithered down the potholed street
Days of snow will come.                    making mother scream.

Walking down hallways:                      Math is coming:
While I drowned in misery                   waiting for recess in vain
waiting for some fun.                            Being bored until.

Students being loud:                             Three, five, seven, nine:
Reading Haiku Poems loudly                kindergartners say numbers
Students being loud.                             two, four, six, eight, ten.

Having fun right now:                            Supper is coming:
Hanging on monkey bars now               Dawn will break at six' o' clock,
Having fun right now.                            Then I go to bed.

Spiders, monkeys, snakes:                     Fashion, Jewelry:
Crawling, hanging, slithering,                  Girls will have popularity,
In the rain forest.                                   with these items.

While sitting in class:                              Ooh, eeh,ooh ooh aw:
I do nothing but be bored,                      Monkeys swing on vines howling,
While I sit in class.                                  Eating bananas.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, CHEW:                           Trumpets, Trombone:
Lying in bed wih a cold,                          Saxophones, clarinets, flutes,
School is the fun thing!                            Baritone, all now!

Kids shout, "Yeah recess!":                     Put the prom dress on:
Jumping around the classroom,                Put the make-up and shoes on,
Waiting for the fun.                                  Now, for the jewelry.       

Christopher                                                     Jacob F.

to Mississippi                                           A very bright day
Long way to go,bottom sore                     sunny, not sunny, shady
tires,click clack click. . . .                          as black as can be.  


Dusty, Dusty Winds:                                  easy days away:
windy, windy days there are                       a bee sits on a flower
today is windy                                            a beautiful breeze

What a peaceful day:
Butterflies sing melodies
while they fly away

Curtis                                                  Kyle

Suh is very big                                  Flat Stanley they say
he can hurt you very bad                  seeing Dorthy on her way
running fast and hard                        now have a good day.

Sitting in my school                                     Mean teacher talking
always starring of in space                          making us pat attention
talking to my friends                                   stuck in school all day

Not finishing work                                      Teaching us new things
staying in at my recess                                drinking pop in front of us
wanting to go home                                    spinning on their chairs

Sumo wrestlers
big fat chubby as they say
they will never lose


Light the fuse on fire
ready for the finale
as fireworks boom.                                                              


The ugly duckling:                       The red rose growing:
as it stands tall and proudly          through tall grass and leaves it grows
and squeaks very loud                 through the grass it goes

The falling green leaves: 
rapidly falls through thin air 
as it makes whistles 


Mickey Mouse's grin                   New box of crayons
delights kids of all ages                 red, blue, pink, brown, black, and grey
with a funny dance                        new colors galore

As the bat flies by
echo bounces off the walls
squeak,chirp, squeak, chirp, wow


Green, waving slightly                            Tall broad beautiful
Blades of grass moved by the wind        leaves wave slightly in the breeze
Feel on feet, grass moves                       dangling slightly

hear not, see the wind
cool on hot days the wind blows
the wind, majestic


The old old old tree:                          A dark pink rose
It's lain broken in two parts               grows lighter everyday
since the twentieth century                 a dark pink rose

Clip, clop went the hooves
as the horse went down the lane
to the town market


I am ten years old:                            The basketball game:
My birthday is on May, first              we won our basketball game
I got lots of cake                              we got a trophy

I like tennis games:                            My brothers like life:
my brothers hate tennis games            It is a very fun game
we all got a trophy                             My mom likes it too


a very long lake                                lovely lake at night
with a gleaming waterfall                   dangerous river at dawn
that glistens in the light                       as boats flow calmly

rocks will fall at day                          buffaloes will fight
when birds fly in the night sky            foxes will howl at midnight
rocks stay calm as day                     when day comes its calm

volcanoes will burst                         birds fly in the sky
ashes will fall to the earth                 as wind blows in the sky
then new land is formed                   birds soar with the wind  

rocks fall and break when
avalanches shake he earth
and then they are gone


Snow covered mountains                  Clouds cover blue skies
they are so beautiful now                   puffy, small, large ,and soft too
until the breeze comes                        everywhere you go

 Stamps are everywhere                     Today is windy
 on peoples faces and hands               dirt blows and people run and jump
 try peeling them off                            dusk comes and goes now

Boston Tea Party
bay turns into a teapot
England gets madder


five, four, three, two, one                    a very green bud
through the basket in seconds             awaiting Spring's first light
we win nine to one                             blooms the cute blue rose


The flakes are falling                           The leaves have falling
The cool breeze is all around               The trees are bare to their stems
It must be Winter                                It must be Autumn

The rain is falling                                 The Sun is shining
It splatters at my doorstep                   The new flowers are blooming
It has to be Spring                               It must be Summer

 Story image 2_0
4b75a7afab051Cavion ponders his next syllable.
Cody types his poem as Curtis looks on.
Christopher feels the soreness of his road trip while writing Haiku.
Cavion ponders his next syllable.
 Story image 3_0
4b75a7afab051Poetic muse, Lyndsey.
Curtis, solo.
Shallin pauses between lines.
Poetic muse, Lyndsey.

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