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Language and Grammar Fun in Spanish I

Yes! I said fun.

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Spanish I classes recently completed a chapter on prepositions and location.  Today, it is so important that language skills in a world language be realistic and students leave with real speaking skills, but class has to be engaging as well.  We like to blend the two throughout the learning process.


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In order to reinforce prepositions within the Spanish I chapter, we put together Legos with written Spanish directions.  Reading comprehension through the process allowed students to complete a structure and then write their own for a partner to read and put together as well.  We also took time to dance and use the rhythm to strengthen their recall of the vocabulary.  Music and language learning go hand in hand. 


During the chapter, students reviewed and gained more vocabulary relating to classroom items and finally, numbers rounded out the chapter.  To bring it all together, students visited Spain with their passports, spending a class period searching for classroom supplies and other fun items.  They had to be resourceful, incorporating bartering skills they used during the chapter.  Using Spanish was mandatory and English not allowed.  The more items bought off their shopping list with cash remaining, the better the grade.  Spanish III students, working as vendors, always enrich the experience. 

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