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Piñata Time!

No better way to end a semester.

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589a39e236046First Place - Abigail Steiner, Kris Phillips, Rebeckah Taylor
First Place - Abigail Steiner, Kris Phillips, Rebeckah Taylor

The end of first semester always means "Piñata Time".  It's a time to finish our students portfolios, complete our final Spanish projects, and immerse ourselves in tissue paper and flour glue, bringing all our stress to an end.  Some choose to create traditional stars, while other choose cartoon characters.  And then there are those, the ones willing to craft huge displays that rival Macy's Thanksgiving Day floats and require time at home to complete.  While this time is geared towards culture and relaxation through the arts, others have been planning since last year to create the best piñata ever.  I am always amazed.  

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589a39e236046Second Place - Grace Briley, Sam Fitzpatrick
Second Place - Grace Briley, Sam Fitzpatrick
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589a39e236046Third Place - Marissa Waltke, Kord Haight
Third Place - Marissa Waltke, Kord Haight

We always spend one class period doing messy paper maché, over-taking the art room for the entire day.  Students will then spend the next day attaching appendages, like ears, legs, tails, etc (if needed).  The next three days require lots of tissue paper and school glue to add all the color they are looking for.  After 5 class periods in all, students will have crafted a piñata that they make take home after voting is complete and they have been on display in the high school library.  The lucky few piñatas remaining will be reserved for our "Cinco de Mayo" fiesta, the first week in May.  Students will have the opportunity to sing the traditional song of "Dale, Dale" and be blindfolded, as they take turns swinging and swatting to get a chance at candy.  Stay tuned for this May "fiesta".  


Note:  This year we ran into a bit of weather and started these a little later than usual, with high school staff and faculty voting upon our second semester arrival back.  Still be had some great winners this year.  


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