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6th Grade Haiku

   Mr. Goodrich’s sixth grade class has been dabbling with different types of poetry. Our latest adventure involved studying Japanese haiku and trying our hand at creating our own works.

   A Japanese haiku is an original form of poetry with seventeen syllables and three lines. The three lines are divided with the first and third lines each having five syllables and the second line containing seven syllables. Originally, haiku were related to nature or the natural world. Haiku are loaded with imagery and are used to compare two seemingly unrelated themes.

  The sixth graders had to compose two original haiku linking themes in nature. Then they were given the opportunity to stretch the boundaries and write a haiku following any theme as long as they included the original 5,7,and 5 syllable pattern.


   Here are some examples of the haiku that were written by the students:


The leaves are falling                                                Water pounding down

One by one off every tree                                         Wet and humid everywhere

Ready for winter                                                         With rocks all around

By Emily M.                                                                 By Priyanka M.


Flowers                                                                        Cold

Colors in beauty                                                         The snow falling down

Different shapes and designs                                  Blankets of snow on the trees

Grow with green stem                                                With the crisp cold air.

By Kayley T.                                                                by Matti S.


Bumblebees buzz songs                                          The poor little rock

The trees sway to their music                                  Getting hid around the room

While the bullfrogs dance                                         And has lost his eye

By Bettie C.                                                                 by Collin H.


White and black on people                                       With tracks on the road

In a courtyard riots break out                                   The sun peeking through the trees

This is what we are                                                    The road was endless

By Gage B.                                                                  By Emma R.