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Apple Fun!


Delicious Tastes of Fall

First graders enjoyed the sweet taste and crisp crunch of apples at their apple tasting party in September.  They each tried a red, green, and yellow apple and graphed their favorite. The red apple was the favorite this year!


Parents, grandparents, and aunts provided a wonderful selection of apple foods for students to try.  Apple muffins, apple pie, dried apples, apple bars, apple straws, apple flavored chocolates…..apple juice, apple cider.  There was something for everyone!


September 26th is John Chapman’s birthday.  He is credited with the spread of apple trees on the new frontier in the early 1800’s.  He planted so many trees in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, that he earned the nickname Johnny Appleseed.  


Students enjoyed the delicious variety of apple foods and learning about John Chapman and his contributions to getting apple trees to this part of the country.  Thank you Johnny Appleseed!