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Rain or Shine Spring Creek Prairie Offers Fun and Exploration for 1st Graders

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Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center is the best place for a field trip rain or shine!!  First Grade headed there on a cold, rainy day, Friday, April 28th.  Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center educator Jason, the Bird Nerd, did an awesome job bringing the prairie indoors for the students to explore the woodlands, wetlands and mammals on the prairie.  The center has a great indoor classroom and visitor center that allowed us to be in from the elements and still explore.
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The classes were divided into three groups for the hands on exploration.  Jason explained that students would use most of their five senses to explore and investigate life on the prairie. Water was brought in from the pond to study, touch and smell.  Things like tadpoles, damsel fly larvae and dragon fly larvae were all spotted in the water.  In the woodlands exploration students examined wet and rotting logs and discovered lots of insects – wood roaches, rolly pollys and a variety of beetles that make their home there!  In the mammals rotation students examined animal pelts and were encouraged to make a guess what animal inhabited that skin.  Skulls were added to the activity to help students in their discovery of animals that live on the prairie.  Fox, badger, rabbit, and deer were some of the animals identified. 

The students played a game that demonstrated what happens when a creature’s habitat grows smaller and smaller – it’s harder to find food and water without being attacked.  Bird wings and feathers were passed around and examined as Jason pointed out how the wings of owls and pheasants are different, allowing owls to fly silent and hunt in the night. Students enjoyed their time at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center even though they didn’t get out on the prairie. 

Tuesdays are always free – year round at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center!  You can check out Discovery Packs – backpacks filled with tools and guides to help you in your exploration of the prairie. First graders would recommend you get out and explore the prairie at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center in Denton, NE.

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Rain or Shine Spring Creek Prairie Offers Fun and Exploration for 1st Graders

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