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Write to Speak in the Sixth Grade

   This year in Mr. Goodrich’s classroom the sixth graders have been doing multiple forms of writing. They have also given two speeches and have recited two forms of poetry. All of these things are a part of the language curriculum and state standards. They also blend technology into the classroom curriculum.

   Currently the sixth graders are writing persuasive essays. They were given a choice of topics or could choose their own with approval. They used their chrome books to research factual information in order to support their opinion or argument.  They were given a rubric and specific criteria to follow when writing. Their essay had to be a minimum of five paragraphs. The first paragraph had to have an attention getter, a thesis statement, use transitioning sentences, and state at least three main points. The next three paragraphs had to use each main point and have a minimum of three supporting sentences. Their conclusion paragraph needed to restate their thesis and each of their main points.

  Their papers will not be graded based on their ideas but on their ability to put ideas into a structured form. By including all the necessary parts in the correct order, they will create writing of a higher quality than if they used an unorganized list.

   Next, they will take their essay and reorganize it into a format for presenting it to an audience. They will use note cards to outline their speech, class time to practice their delivery, and develop skills to enhance their speech. These skills would include examples of expression, movement, gestures, confidence, and volume. They will be expected to make eye contact with their audience and use notes minimally.