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Sublimation & Photobombing

Early this quarter, fifth graders in science class were learning about sublimation – the process in which a solid form of matter, dry ice, changes to a gas without becoming a liquid. What better way to experience sublimation than blowing bubbles—big and small. We sped up the sublimation of dry ice – frozen carbon dioxide – by placing chunks of it into warm water, dipping the end of a hose into a cup of . . .

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Turkeys in Disguise

Turkeys everywhere are panicking this time of year at the fear of being Thanksgiving dinner.  In the book Turkey Trouble 1st graders read about a turkey that have a clever idea to disguise himself as other barnyard animals in hopes of not getting served for dinner.  He tried many disguises but none seemed to work until the end when he dressed up as a pizza delivery person and delivered a pizza to the farmer and his family . . .

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Support Foundation for Knowledge by purchasing from Amazon.com

Support the Foundation for Knowledge by making one simple switch.  Go to SMILE.AMAZON.COM instead of the regular Amazon.com site.  You can log in with your credentials and set Foundation for Knowledge District OR-1 as your charity.  OR, simply click on the following link to go to SMILE.AMAZON.COM with the Foundation for Knowledge already selected.  It is that easy! SUPPORT DISTRICT OR-1 FOUNDATION FOR KNOWLEDGE . . .

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Student Handbooks


2017-2018 Palmyra High School Parent/Student Handbook 2017-2018 Bennet Elementary Parent/Student Handbook 2017-2018 Bennet Pre-School Parent/Student Handbook    

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School Calendars

Click on the link below for calendar. 2017-2018 Adopted Calendar (Includes NSAA Changes) -------------------- R-School Activities Calendar : This Calendar is Mr. Hoeft's OFFICIAL ACTIVITIES CALENDAR.

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