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Prepping Our Seniors For What Awaits Them... This year’s senior class is comprised of a fabulous group of individuals.  Already, they have one quarter completed of what has become a crazy, fast-paced senior year.  They’ve waited all their lives for this year to arrive, and yet with the snap of one’s fingers, it’s gone and has faded to a mere memory!  So, what do they need to be doing . . .

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Flexible Seating

  Due to the construction of the new building being completed, the Special Education department has gained another classroom for a total of three rooms. The addition of the classroom has given the SpEd department space for flexible seating in the form of bean bag chairs with a lowered table and two lawn chairs with small end tables alongside the traditional table and chairs learning environment. There are many benefits . . .

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Busy as Beavers!

2nd Graders Research Animal Homes

The last two weeks have been busy for our second graders! In our new reading series, students read "Animals Building Homes" which talked about homes of animals such as beavers, weaver birds, humming birds, mice and gophers.  The story shared the types of materials those animals used for their homes.  Students also learned how some animals, such as bees and ants, work together to build their homes.  . . .

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Homecoming Photos - Via Yearbook Classes

Students have been busy taking photos.  Enjoy these and remember that Yearbooks will go on sale in April for the 2018-19 school year.  If your students is interested in joining yearbook for the school year, please contact Ms. Gill (gill.reb@districtor1.net).  If you would like to share photos to be used in the yearbook, feel free to email her as well.  While we cannot guarantee that they will be used, the students . . .

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Learning To Describe

It Can Be Fun.

We recently wrapped up a fun chapter in Spanish I, focusing on adjective usage in Spanish.  While some may thing grammar can be boring it can certainly be made to be more fun.  Students established two goals during the chapter:  1) to be able to describe themselves through written poetry in Spanish, 20 and to be able to read through poetry and written passages and respond using said adjectives.  They certainly . . .

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District OR1 Physical Education

District OR-1 Jr & Sr High Physical Education   District OR-1 Jr & Sr High Physical Education classes are given semester tests to assess student’s health and fitness levels.  These tests use a complete battery of health-related fitness items that are scored using criterion-referenced standards that are age and gender specific and are established based upon how fit children need to be for good . . .

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Tower Gardens

  Thanks to Monsanto and Mr. Malone at PHS, Bennet Elementary students are benefiting from and experiencing tower gardens in the classroom.  Through a grant written by Mr. Malone, the school received funding to purchase two tower gardens to be used at the elementary. They are circulating through the classrooms every few weeks.  The ag students from the high school periodically come over to educate the . . .

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Olson Contribution to Fund Joint Village and School Facilities

District OR1 is proud to announce it has been chosen to receive an Olson Foundation grant of 5.4 Million dollars.  This donation will fully fund construction of a joint project for the village of Palmyra and School District OR-1 for new athletic facilities including ballfields, competition track, artificial turf playing field, playground, and walking path.  Please join us for the special joint board meeting to accept . . .

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