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Parental Involvement Policy: TITLE 1



District OR1 Parental Involvement Policy

Title 1

District OR1 Parental Involvement Download Paginated Policy:

P.L. 103-381 affirms the principle that parental involvement is a vital part of the Title 1 program. 


          At the district level, it is the policy of District OR-1 that parents of all participating children shall be given the opportunity to be involved in the joint development of the district plan and in the district’s review process for the purpose of school improvement.  The district shall provide coordination, technical assistance and other necessary support in the planning and implementation of parent involvement activities.  The district shall encourage parent involvement and support the partnership between home/school/community by providing understandable information about standards and assessments; providing training and materials for parents to help their children and to involve other parents; educating school personnel about involving parents and the value of parent contributions; and developing meaningful roles for community organizations and businesses to work with parents and schools.  An annual evaluation of this parental involvement policy will be conducted to determine the effectiveness of this policy, the barriers of this policy for increasing parent involvement, and any necessary revisions of this policy. 


          It is the policy of District OR1 that:


  1. This jointly developed, written policy is distributed to parents of participating Title 1 children at the fall open house, through mailings if the parent does not attend the open house, and when new families enroll.


  1. An annual meeting is held in the spring, for all parents of participating children, both public and private.  Parents will be notified by school newsletters, letters and mailings.


  1. Parents shall be informed of the reasons for their children’s participation, the curriculum, and the instructional objectives and methods of the program at the annual meeting and parent-teacher conferences.


  1. Parents shall receive an explanation of the school’s performance profile, expected proficiency levels for students, and their student’s assessment results at the annual meeting and parent-teacher conferences. Student’s progress shall be reported to parents each quarter through progress reports.





  1. Parents shall receive timely response to all parent recommendations through both verbal and written responses.  All information sent to parents is in the native language used in the home.  Full opportunities are provided for all parents to participate in Title 1 activities.


  1. A school-parent compact was jointly developed with parents, and reviewed annually.  The compact outlines how parents, the entire school staff and students share in the responsibility for improved student achievement.  The compact is sent to all parents at the beginning of the year for review and signature.  Parents and after school program staff meet at the beginning of the year to plan Title 1 programs and activities, and throughout the year to review their progress.  The compact is discussed during parent-teacher conferences and available to sign at conferences as well.


  1. Parents are encouraged to communicate with school personnel.  Title 1 personnel shall be readily accessible to parents.  Parents are welcome to observe any Title 1 activities.


  1. The Title 1 program shall provide opportunities for parents to become partners with the school in promoting the education of their child at home and at school.  The school shall provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as requested by parents through publications and staff and parent awareness activities.


  1. The school coordinates and integrates parent involvement programs and activities with other programs as appropriate through publications and staff and parent awareness activities.


  1. Each spring the Title 1 program shall assess and review, through a written survey completed by parents, the effectiveness of the program and design strategies for school improvement.  Results of the survey will be reported in a newsletter to parents.  Opportunities will be given to parents to be involved in using these findings to plan, design, and implement the Title 1 program for the following year.