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Palmyra Schools

District OR1 Public Schools


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Email for District OR1 Staff

Bennet Staff 16-Aug-21    
  Joslynn Hudson hudson.jos@districtor1.net Art/Skill Recovery
  Jennifer Hanger hanger.jen@districtor1.net Computers
  Austin Lahmon lahmon.aus@districtor1.net Counselor
  Kristine Field field.kri@districtor1.net Grade 1
  Lisa Dowding dowding.lis@districtor1.net Grade 1
  Rachel Petska petska.rac@districtor1.net Grade 1
  Caitlin Peterson peterson.cai@districtor1.net Grade 2
  Gina Christensen christensen.gin@districtor1.net Grade 2
  Taylor Suhr suhr.tay@districtor1.net Grade 2
  Elizabeth Anderjaska anderjaska.eli@districtor1.net Grade 3
  Jillian Kepler kepler.jil@districtor1.net Grade 3
  Sadie Conn conn.sad@districtor1.net Grade 3
  Dominique Dowding dowding.dom@districtor1.net Grade 4
  Stacy Sullivan sullivan.sta@districtor1.net Grade 4
  Amanda Malone malone.ama@districtor1.net Grade 5
  Thomas McChristian mcchristian.tho@districtor1.net Grade 5
  Mikayla Batman batman.mik@districtor1.net Grade 6
  Braston Maibaum maibaum.bra@districtor1.net Grade 6
  Rebecca Dvorak dvorak.reb@districtor1.net Grade K
  Angela Nitzsche nitzsche.ang@districtor1.net Grade K
  Carrie Wusk wusk.car@districtor1.net Grade K
  Brittany Eisenhauer eisenhauer.bri@districtor1.net Grade PK
  Cassandra Hohensee hohensee.cas@districtor1.net Grade PK
  Elizabeth Pohlen pohlen.eli@districtor1.net Occupational Therapy
  Zachary Wemhoff wemhoff.zac@districtor1.net PE
  Amy Buchanan buchanan.amy@districtor1.net Special Education
  Abby Eastep eastep.abb@districtor1.net Special Education
  Jessica Hinrichsen hinrichsen.jes@districtor1.net Special Education
  Karen Redd redd.kar@districtor1.net Special Education
  Jennifer Whyman whyman.jen@districtor1.net Special Education
  Emily Buddenberg buddenberg.emi@districtor1.net Speech
  Jiree Wilson Wilson.Jir@districtor1.net Speech
  Abigail Swartzendruber swartzendruber.abi@districtor1.net Title
Palmyra Staff      
  Andrea Lemmer lemmer.and@districtor1.net Family Sciences
  Andrew Conn conn.and@districtor1.net Business/Computers
  Andrew Weils Weils.and@districtor1.net Special Education
  Bradley Gabriel gabriel.bra@districtor1.net Industrial Technology
  Cassidy Buescher buescher.cas@districtor1.net English
  Jeffrey Panko panko.jef@districtor1.net History
  Jennifer Ferretti ferretti.jen@districtor1.net Special Education
  Jonathan Davenport davenport.jon@districtor1.net Science
  Jordan Linke linke.jor@districtor1.net PE
  Kim Jensen jensen.kim@districtor1.net Math
  Mark Kotik kotik.mar@districtor1.net Government
  Michael Chaffee chaffee.mic@districtor1.net Counselor
  Rebecca Gill Rose gill.reb@districtor1.net Spanish/Striv
  Ryan Pollock pollock.rya@districtor1.net English
  Sarah Swartzendruber swartzendruber.sar@districtor1.net Art
  Sean Mulholland mulholland.sea@districtor1.net Science
  Shaylee Truax truax.sha@districtor1.net Agriculture
  Taytum Stutzman stutzman.tay@districtor1.net Special Education
  Tyler Maas maas.tyl@districtor1.net Math
Shared Staff      
  Beth McCreight mccreight.bet@districtor1.net Vocal Music
  Matthew Smidt smidt.mat@districtor1.net Library
  Sandra Murphy-Robb murphy.san@districtor1.net Band
  Burke Brown brown.bur@districtor1.net Technology Director
  Kloreace Linke linke.klo@districtor1.net School Psychology
  Aaron Hoeft hoeft.aar@districtor1.net Activities Director
  Linde Walter walter.lin@districtor1.net Principal_Bennet
  Michael Hart hart.mic@districtor1.net Superintendent
  Heath Johnson johnson.hea@districtor1.net Principal_Palmyra
Administrative Staff      
  Laura Dawson dawson.lau@districtor1.net Elementary Secretary
  Karen Hatcher hatcher.kar@districtor1.net Superintendent Secretary
  Lisa Phillips phillips.lis@districtor1.net Superintendent Secretary
  Jane Powell powell.jan@districtor1.net High School Secretary
  Cathy Fick fick.cat@districtor1.net District Transportation
Food Services      
  Dona Balderson balderson.don@districtor1.net Food Services Director

School Nurse
    Our School Nurse is can be contacted by the following email: (Christine Wilson). The nurse can be reached by calling 402-782-3535 (option 1). Because of the urgent nature of medical-related contacts, we encourage parents to NOT leave voicemail for April during the school day. Building secretaries will take messages during all in-school hours.