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Technology Governance

 District OR1 Technology Leadership Governance

The technology committee sees itself as a tool to facilitate the integration of technology throughout the curriculum. The following have been adopted by the technology committee as documentation of its mission, beliefs, and role in the overall technology integration.

District OR1 Technology Objective:
To develop and provide the integration of technology into all areas of the curriculum while focusing on the District's adopted objective.

District OR1 Strategies:
1. Assess the current technology status of our district and establish a plan of action.
2. Research successful processes for integration of technology into our curriculum.

District OR1 Technology Integration Team Ongoing Responsibilities:
1. Oversee the technology curriculum
2. Support other curricula with technology


*    We see a future where the classrooms in District OR1 Public Schools have access to all types of the most effective technological tools.

*    We see school buildings in District OR1 Public Schools having an infrastructure to support this ever-changing technological classroom.

*    We see staff and students integrating technology to enhance the teaching and learning processes.

*    We see accessing information to support these processes through building, local, national, and global connectivity.

*    We see buildings where access to information technologies is "anytime, anywhere."

*    We see students working collaboratively with their classmates and their global peers to achieve goals and enrich their learning experiences.

*    We see a fully trained staff in a technologically advanced classroom implementing instruction that entices the students to learn.

*    We see these technological classrooms fully supported and maintained (Internet, hardware, software, and personnel) so that the technology is stable, predictable and useful.


*    A variety of technology tools must be made available to students, teachers, and staff to effectively prepare students to meet the challenges of the future.

*    Technology is a fundamental tool for accessing, processing, managing, utilizing and disseminating information.

*    Technology is a viable medium to prepare our students for a diverse, global economy and society.

*    Technology allows us to better identify and serve at-risk populations, thus lowering the percentage of dropouts.

*    Technology in District OR1 will provide a link with the community that will increase family involvement in the learning process.

*    Technology supports the integration of critical thinking, problem-solving, and team building skills in all K-12 Curricula.

*    Technology empowers educators to incorporate teaching methods that meet the needs of students with a variety of learning styles.

*    Technology facilitates communication among District OR1 community patrons, faculty, students, and parents.

*    Technology is the foundation of a well-designed network of information that enables all students to enter school ready to learn.

*    Adequate facility and staff and support are needed for effective use of technology in education.

*    The ongoing assessment, research, and integration of technology is the foundation of a successful educational experience for all District OR1 students.

*    Training and in-service of staff are necessary to properly integrate new technologies into District OR1's curricula.

View District Technology Plan Below: 2022-2023 Chromebook 24-7