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1st Grade Math Lessons

First grade does math!

Teachers in first grade are using a new multi-touch system that includes a 65" tv, a PC, and a camera.  Utilizing this technology allows the teacher to record lessons that can easily be uploaded for students to reference.  We see this technology serving to positively impact in-class lessons, as well as allow for students to better utilize homework time.  Thanks to Mrs. Dowding, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Wusk for blazing this new path. --Mr. Brown

Please feel free to watch our 1st grade math lessons using our Clear Touch Interactive Panels.  This would be a great thing to watch to see how lessons are taught and an easy way to catch up if your child is sick or going to be absent.  


Lesson 3-1 Representing Numbers on a Ten Frame

Lesson 3-2 Recognizing Numbers on a Ten Frame

Lesson 3-3 Parts of 10

Lesson 3-4 Finding Missing Parts of 10


Topic 4

Lesson 4-1 Adding with 0,1,2

Lesson 4-2 Doubles

Lesson 4-3 Near Doubles

Lesson 4-4 Facts with 5 on a Ten Frame

Lesson 4-5 Making 10 on a Ten Frame

Lesson 4-6 Subtracting 0,1,2

Lesson 4-7 Thinking Addition

Lesson 4-8 Thinking Addition to 8 to Help Subtract

Lesson 4-9 Thinking Addition to 12 to Help Subtract

Lesson 4-10 Problem Solving: Draw a Picture and Write a Number Sentence


Topic 5

Lesson 5-1 Doubles

Doubles Plus 1

Lesson 5-3 Doubles Plus 2

Problem Solving 

Lesson 5-5 Making 10 to Add

Lesson 5-6 Making 10 to Add 9

Lesson 5-7 Making 10 to Add 8

Lesson 5-8 Adding 3 Numbers

Lesson 5-9 Word Problems with 3 Addends


Topic 6

Lesson 6-1 Making 10 to Subtract

Lesson 6-2 More with Making 10 to Subtract

Lesson 6-3 Subtraction: Using Related Facts

Lesson 6-4 Fact Families

Lesson 6-5 Subtraction: Using Addition to Subtract

Subtraction Facts

Lesson 6-7 Problem Solving: Draw a Picture and Write a Number Sentence


Topic 7

Lesson 7-1 Making Numbers 11 to 19

Lesson 7-2 Using Numbers 11 to 19

Lesson 7-3 Counting by 10's

Lesson 7-4 Counting to 120

Lesson 7-5 Using Counting by 10's

Lesson 7-6 Problem Solving: Look for a Pattern


Topic 8

Lesson 8-1 Counting iwth Groups of 10 and Leftovers

Lesson 8-2
Lesson 8-3
Lesson 8-4
Lesson 8-5
Lesson 8-6


Topic 9

Lesson 9-1 1 More, 1 Less, 10 More, 10 Less

Lesson 9-2
Lesson 9-3
Lesson 9-4
Lesson 9-5


Topic 10

Lesson 10-1 Adding Groups of 10

Lesson 10-2 Adding Tens on a Hundred Chart

 Lesson 10-3 Adding Tens to Two Digit Numbers

Lesson 10-4 Using Mental Math to Add Tens

Lesson 10-5 Adding to a Two Digit Number- Regrouping

Lesson 10-5 Day 2 Adding to a Two Digit Number- Regrouping


Lesson 12-1 Measurement: Comparing and Ordering by Length

Lesson 12-2 Indirect Measurement


Lesson 12-3 Using Units to Estimate and Measure Length


Lesson 12-4 Problem Solving: Use Reasoning


Lesson 12-5 Measuring Using Different Units



Lesson 13-1 Understanding the Hour and Minute Hands

Lesson 13-2 Telling and Writing Time to the Hour

Lesson 13-3 Time to the Half Hour

Lesson 13-4 Problem Solving: Use Data From a table


Lesson 14-1 Using Data From Real Graphs

Lesson 14-2 Using Data From a Picture Graph

Lesson 14-3 Using Data From Bar Graphs

Lesson 14-4 Using Data to Make Tally Charts

Lesson 14-5 Making Real Graphs

Lesson 14-6 Making Picture Graphs

Lesson 14-7 Make a Graph


Lesson 15-1: Identify Plane Shapes

Lesson 15-2 Make an Organized List

Lesson 15-3 Properties of Plane Shapes

Lesson 15-4 Building with shapes

15-5 Making new shapes from shapes

Lesson 15-6 Identifying Solid Figures

Lesson 15-7 Flat Surfaces and Vertices

Lesson 15-8 Sorting Solid Figures

Lesson 15-9 Building with Solid Figures

Lesson 15-10 Problem Solving



Lesson 16-1 Making Equal Parts

Lesson 16-2 Describing Equal Parts of Whole Objects (no video Mrs. Dowding Absent

Lesson 16-3 Making Halves and Fourths and Rectangles and Circle

Lesson 16-4 Problem Solving: Draw a Picture


1st Grade Math Lessons

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