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Board Vacancy

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District OR-1 Board Vacancy Application Form, Basic Qualifications, and Job Description. Updated July 12, 2022



July 12, 2022

● Applications are DUE: Not later than 4:00 PM., Friday, July 22nd, 2022
    ○ Applications will be accepted up to (and including) Friday, July 22, 2022, at 4:00 p.m.
    ○ Applications can be mailed or delivered to:
        ■ Brandon Desh, President of the Board of Education:
           District OR-1 Public Schools, 425 F. Street, Palmyra, NE 68418.

● Application forms are available to pick up: Palmyra High School: Superintendent Office
425 F. Street, Palmyra, NE 68418

● Please deliver the completed application to: Palmyra High School: Superintendent Office
425 F. Street, Palmyra, NE 68418

● Thank you for your interest in the Board of Education!

● If you have additional questions, please contact our school office at (402) 780-5327.
Applicant Information:

Address: ________________________________________________________________
Phone #: ___________________________ E-Mail Address:_______________________
1. Are you a resident of the OR-1 Public School District? [ ] Yes [ ] No
2. Are you a registered voter? [ ] Yes [ ] No
3. Why do you want to be a member of the District OR-1 Board of Education?
4. As a board member, what qualities would you bring to the leadership team?
5. What is your vision for this school district in the next three to five years?
6. What public service have you provided to the community, such as teaching, coaching, church
groups, scouts, volunteering, etc.?
7. Do you believe you will have sufficient time to dedicate to the work of the board? Explain.
8. How do you plan to become more knowledgeable and engaged with the activities and
operations of the school district?
9. What strategies would be helpful for the board to facilitate communication with our patrons in
the district? How can we best capture what all of our stakeholder groups are thinking?

________________        _____________________
Signature                         Date of Application


District OR-1: Home of the Panthers!
School Board Member Qualifications:
NEB. REV. STAT. § 79-543. School board member; qualifications:

● No person shall file for office, be nominated or elected, or serve as a member of a school board in
any class of school district unless he or she is a legal voter in such district.

● Under the Nebraska Constitution § XV-2. Official in default as collector and custodian of public
money or property; disqualification; felon disqualified

● No person who is in default as collector and custodian of public money or property shall be
eligible to any office of trust or profit under the constitution or laws of this state.

● No person convicted of a felony shall be eligible to any such office unless he shall have been
restored to civil rights.
        NEB. REV. STAT. § 29-113. Felon of other states; disqualified as juror or officeholder; right to vote

● Any person who has been convicted of a felony under the laws of any other state shall be deemed
incompetent to be a juror or to hold any office of honor, trust, or profit within this state unless
such person has been restored to civil rights under the laws of the state in which the felony was

● Any person who has been convicted of a felony under the laws of any other state is not qualified
to vote until two years after such person has completed his or her sentence, including any parole
        NEB. REV. STAT. § 79-544. School board members; contract to teach prohibited

● No member of a school board shall be engaged in a contract to teach pursuant to sections 79-817
to 79-821 with the school district, which he or she serves as a board member.


District OR-1 Board of Education Member
General Job Description
Job Description:

● Provide leadership to ensure the district provides the best possible educational programs and services for all
students of the school district. Ensure that the district’s vision, mission, and goals for improvement are
reviewed and updated regularly and that they are consistently reflected in the leadership team’s decisions.
Establish policies consistent with the district’s vision, mission, goals, as well as all applicable laws, rule,
and regulations. Hire the superintendent and utilize a fair and comprehensive process of evaluation to hold
him/her accountable for all facets of district performance.

Job Requirements:
    ● Registered voter in the school district

Reports to:
    ● Community

    ● Superintendent

Performance Responsibilities:
    ● The job responsibilities of the Board of Education include the ability to function effectively in each of the
following areas:

Board Relations /Superintendent
    ● Hire and evaluate the Superintendent.
    ● Recognizes the superintendent and board must work collaboratively to function effectively as a leadership
        team, while maintaining careful recognition of appropriate roles and responsibilities.
    ● Review and update annually the superintendent job description and evaluation instrument to reflect the role
        of the Superintendent.
    ● Support and facilitate the work of the Superintendent.
    ● Maintain open and appropriate communication with the Superintendent.
    ● Ensure Board policy provides clear direction to the Superintendent and district staff.
    ● Ensure complete compliance with all state/federal laws/regulations and Board policy.
    ● Communicate critical issues to the Superintendent in a timely and appropriate fashion.
    ● Ensure that all meetings are scheduled, posted, and conducted in accordance with the Nebraska Open
        Meetings Act.
    ● Respect the administration’s recommendations regarding staff and student disciplinary issues, taking action
        only as required by policy and applicable law.
    ● Refer the media and other groups to the designated spokesperson (board president) to speak on board

    ● Ensure the policies/procedures/operational protocol/administrative guidelines and school law regulations
        are carried out and promote a safe, respectful, and healthy school environment.
    ● Utilize a defined process to review and revise policy.
    ● Ensure board and administrative input when designing new policy.

    ● Ensure the district mission and vision statement guide the Board’s decision making.
    ● Implement the district’s vision, mission, and goals collaboratively with the leadership of the superintendent
        and administrators.
    ● Adopt annually the School Improvement Plan and review periodic progress reports.
    ● Collaborate with the superintendent and administrative team to annually develop short and long-range goals
        for the school district.
    ● Adopt an Annual Calendar to include: regular goal updates, policy review/adoption, budget management,
        student achievement data, legally required board actions, school improvement updates, staff/student
        presentations, committee reports, superintendent evaluation, and other activities.

School Finance Planning/Management
    ● Work collaboratively with the superintendent and administration throughout the budget planning process to
        ensure that the final budget reflects student achievement priorities.
    ● Participate in a series of budget related workshops to educate and sustain support for the development
        (needs and priorities) and funding of the budget.
    ● Establish and provide expectations for the oversight of all expenditures of district funds in accordance with
        the adopted budget, policy, applicable state/federal laws and regulations.
    ● Review and adopt the district annual audit report.
    ● Take action related to expenditures and/or the need to depart from the board-adopted budget/policy related
        to any and all financial matters.

Curriculum and Instruction
    ● Monitor student achievement outcomes and hold the superintendent accountable for established student
        achievement benchmarks.
    ● Utilize the Annual Board Calendar to ensure updates of the educational advancement of the school district.
    ● Review and adopt the educational programs of the school district.
    ● Communicate effectively with the community regarding the district’s educational programs.

Staff Development
    ● Foster an environment that encourages continuous learning and improvement for the board, district staff,
        and administrators.
    ● Review and adopt an effective system of staff development focused on improving the educational and
        operational programs of the district.
    ● Provide policy parameters to ensure staff development is planned and consistent with the district goals and
    financial resources.

    ● Approve the district’s Annual Report to be distributed to district patrons.
    ● Ensure the Superintendent distributes appropriate and timely communication to all staff members following
    all board meetings.

District/Community Relation:
    ● In cooperation with the superintendent, establish and maintain a program of public relations to ensure a
        cooperative working relationship between the school district and community.
    ● Provide for continuous and current communications regarding school district activities, educational needs,
        policy, and district challenges/successes.
    ● Consider the needs and perspectives of various community groups.
    ● Understand and uphold the proper chain of command.
    ● Establish a working relationship with local, state and national government officials to ensure open lines of
        communication and engagement regarding educational and school district operational issues.

Personnel Management
    ● Establish policy standards to ensure a hiring process that complies with applicable state and federal law and
        enables the district to attract the most qualified applicants.
    ● Ensure the administration develops and maintains job descriptions for all staff, subject to board review and
    ● Participate in negotiations with recognized employee bargaining groups.
    ● Ensure an employee grievance policy is in place outlining the employee grievance s or problems in
        accordance to Board policy, collective bargaining agreements, and/or process.
    ● Adopt personnel policies for non-certificated staff members.
    ● Adopt policy to ensure administrators maintain an effective and appropriate evaluation instrument that
        addresses clear performance standards for all certificated and non-certificated staff.
    ● In accordance with state statute conduct the Superintendent evaluation utilizing an evaluation instrument
        addressing clear performance standards and goals.

Organizational Management
    ● Ensure the Superintendent files all reports required by state or federal law/regulations.
    ● Monitor the superintendent’s performance and contractual obligations.

District Facilities Management
    ● Study and develop district learning facilities to support student achievement.
    ● Collaborate with the Superintendent to implement short and long-term maintenance plans for building and
        grounds, delegating duties, as appropriate.
    ● Maintain appropriate funding in the annual budget to support the maintenance and upkeep of facilities and
        equipment throughout the district.
    ● Develop and adopt policies governing the use and care of district facilities and property.
    ● Authorize the sale of surplus property.