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Board Of Education


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Board of Education Minutes

Updated Monthly

Board Minutes

Current Link to Regular Board Meetings and Minutes:


Board of Education Minutes in reverse chronological order:

Files are listed as Year/Month/Day/Meeting type. For example, the regular meeting held on September 8, 2013, would read, "130908 Reg Mtg Minutes".

In May 2015 the Board of Education switched to an electronic service to manage District OR1 Board of Education meetings.

Through reduced costs in materials and staff labor, the district expects an overall savings in conducting District OR1 meetings.   Areas of savings include, but are not limited to:

  • -Reduction of staff time preparing meeting agendas and minutes and eliminating the need to copy meeting documents
  • -No postage required
  • -Increased efficiency of the distribution of meeting packets
  • -Facilitates public and media notice of meetings
  • -Savings of time in searching for information from prior meetings
  • -Eliminates the need for paper, dividers, postage, mileage and time for delivery of packets
  • -Eliminates the need for board members to store board meeting agendas and other papers associated with meetings
  • -Instant access to all documents related to meetings, minutes, agenda attachments, policies, etc

The eMeeting services also provides your district with:

  • -Searches of all eMeeting documents via a quick Search or an Advanced Search (all attachments and contents also searched);
  • -The ability for individual users to create personal notes on each agenda item for future reference
  • -Downloading and printing of documents;
  • -Password protected access for designated features, documents and audiences;
  • -Public access to designated documents;
  • -District calendar on the portal page, which can be customized for District meetings and events;
  • -Ability to link District goals to specific Board meeting agenda items and system-generated reports;
  • -Streamlined process of electronically requesting agenda items by selected users;
  • -Create committee meetings and instantly move items from a committee meeting into a board meeting, allowing the item to link back to the committee meeting;
  • -System links for quick access to sites of particular interest to your Board;

2014-2015 Board Minutes

150511 e-link to Regular Meeting and Minutes

150413 Reg Mtg Minutest
150420 Work Session Minutes
150430 Work Session Minutes
150324 Work Session Minutes
150309 Reg Mtg Minutes
150302 Work Session Minutes
150223 Work Session Minutes
150119 Reg Mtg Minutes
150112 Work Session Minutes
141208 Reg Mtg Minutes
141110 Reg Mtg Minutes
141020 Information Session Minutes
141013 Reg Mtg Minutes
140929 Information Session Minutes
140915 Reg Mtg Minutes
140825 Work Session Minutes
140818 Reg Mtg Minutes
140806 Information Session Minutes
140728 Work Session Minutes
140716 Information Session Minutes
140714 Reg Mtg Minutes
140625 Information Session Minutes
140624 Information Session Minutes
140623 Work Session Minutes
140609 Reg Mtg Minutes


2013-2014 Board Minutes

140530 Work Session Minutes
140519 Work Session Minutes
140512 Reg Mtg Minutes
140505 Work Session Minutes
140421 Work Session Minutes
140414 Reg Mtg Minutes
140407 Work Session Minutes
140310 Reg Mtg Minutes
140210 Reg Mtg Minutes
140113 Reg Mtg Minutes
131217 Work Session Minutes
131209 Reg Mtg Minutes
131111 Reg Mtg Minutes
131106 Work Session Minutes
131014 Reg Mtg Minutes
130916 Reg Mtg Minutes.pdf
130812 Reg Mtg Minutes.pdf
130718 Special Meeting Minutes.pdf
130715 Reg Mtg Minutes.pdf

2012-2013 Board Minutes

130610 Reg Mtg Minutes.pdf
130513 Reg Mtg Minutes.pdf
130429 Building Committee Session Minutes.pdf
130415 Reg Mtg Minutes.pdf
130408 Work Session Minutes.pdf
130318 Reg Mtg Minutes.pdf
130218 Reg Mtg Minutes.pdf
130204 Work Session Minutes.pdf
130129 Work Session Minutes.pdf
130625 Special Meeting Minutes.pdf
130121 Work Session Minutes
130114 Reg Mtg Minutes
121213 Reg Mtg_Minutes
121203 Work Session Minutes
121119 Work Session Minutes
121112 Reg Mtg Minutes
121029 Work Session Minutes
121015 Work Session Minutes
121010 Reg Mtg Minutes
121001 Work Session Minutes
120924 Work Session Minutes
120917 Reg Mtg Minutes
120813 Reg Mtg Minutes

2011-2012 Board Minutes
120716 Reg Mtg Minutes
120711 Special Meeting Minutes
120618 Reg Mtg minutes
120514 Reg Mtg minutes
120416 Reg Mtg minutes
120312 Reg Mtg minutes
120214 Reg Mtg Minutes
120116 Reg Mtg Minutes
111212 Reg Mtg Minutes
111121 Work Session Minutes
111114 Reg Mtg Minutes
111107 Work Session Minutes
111024 Work Session Minutes
111011 Reg Mtg Minutes
111003 Work Session Minutes
110926 Work Session Minutes
110912 Reg Mtg Minutes
110815 Reg Mtg Minutes
110711 Reg Mtg Minutes

2010-2011 Board Minutes:
110613 Reg Meeting Minutes
110509 Reg Meeting Minutes
110418 Reg Meeting Minutes
110314 Reg Meeting Minutes
110214 Reg Meeting Minutes
110207 Special Meeting Minutes
110111 Reg Meeting Minutes
101213 Reg Meeting Minutes
101108 Reg Meeting Minutes
101013 Special Meeting Minutes
101011 Reg Meeting Minutes
100914 Reg Meeting Minutes
100809 Reg Meeting Minutes
100712 Reg Meeting Minutes

2009-2010 Board Minutes
100510 Reg Mtg Minutes
100412 Reg Mtg Minutes
100308 Reg Mtg Minutes
100208 Reg Mtg Minutes
100130 Special Mtg Minutes
100127 Spec Mtg Minutes
100118 Reg Mtg Minutes
091217 Special Mtg Minutes
091214 Reg Mtg Minutes
091208 Special Mtg Minutes
091130 Special Mtg Minutes
091109 Reg Mtg Minutes
091012 Reg Mtg Minutes
090908 Reg Mtg Minutes

2012 Board of Education Minutes

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